The Gardevant™ Card is a patented, securely encrypted and multimodal biometric card, which authenticates, verifies and protects Gardevant™ card holders’ identities.
Multimodal biometric card
Embedded microchip
Fingerprint sensor
Secure purchases
Combined, these features offer exponential security that make the Gardevant™ Card one of the safest, most secure cards available.
Say Goodbye to Credit Card Fraud trademark-gardevant
It’s a scary world out there but with the Gardevant™ payment card and reader, featuring biometric security measures, things just got better!


active credit cards in
America today


lost to credit card fraud
from 2015 to 2020


lost to credit card
fraud since 2010
See it in action
Gardevant™ and MiNit™ Pay Better Together
MiNit™ Pay is the world’s smallest credit card that you can insert into your mobile device and access via its mobile app.
Three Key Benefits
MiNit™ Pay uses encryption to secure the credit card information on the chip
MiNit™ Pay provides an additional layer of security when making payments with your phone and Gardevant Card
MiNit™ Pay converts into a traditional credit card for quick payments
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